With the demise of Dr. Dynamite, this incorrigible brat and former juvenile delinquent is thrust into a position of great responsibility. She must rise to take the Doctor’s place, fighting his old arch-enemies, and, of course, the random criminal, monster, and alien that occasionally threaten Metroville. Yes, she’s a gum chewing bimbo – a high school drop out – a MTV Generation slacker, and a pugnacious tomboy, but she’s a fearless fighter, and ready to rumble at the drop of a hat.


She has no problem battling crime, subversion and evil in her own fast-and-loose style. But as a party girl, bimbo and slacker, she’s not the first choice you’d come up with for someone to save the world. She has a wild side and an insatiable libido that present a few problems for MITCH and MURRAY, from the CELEBRITY MANAGEMENT COMPANY.


They handled all Dr. Dynamite’s merchandising and licensing deals, and now must continue the franchise with this scrappy, wisecracking tomboy of a Calamity Jane. They have their work cut out for them.


Now Dynamite Girl must to live up to the moral clauses in her contract or lose her Mustang convertible, penthouse apartment and monthly check. She has to keep her nose clean, and present a wholesome image. But can she pull it off and still have her fun? She thinks so!


Dynamite Girl is not your standard, stiff, cardboard, comic-book-superhero archetype, and Mitch and Murray have a great deal to contend with. They’ll have to use every PR and “spin control” trick in the book, to keep the lucrative Dynamite franchise alive.


Dynamite Girl’s a real bundle. She’s not shy. She doesn’t have a cautious bone in her body. She’s always on the front line, whether it’s fighting monsters, saying what’s on her mind to the press, or skinny-dipping at a drunken, backyard rave party.


Unlike Dr. Dynamite, she has a feminine side too. She has all the curiosity, vanity, and emotional sensitivity of any red blooded American female. And she’s human, very human. She screws up, sometimes she loses it, and she can be gullible, irritable and superstitious. Add to that the hangovers and the occasional lapse in alertness and you’ve got a very interesting property.



Valdemar Quigley was a DuPont scientist who discovered his amazing, drinkable dynamite formula and reached his mid-life crisis about the same time. In the throes of his mid-life angst, Quigley went wild and became a self-styled superhero. Ever since he was a boy, he always secretly dreamed of becoming a superhero, and this was the childhood dream come true. A bright man, with a shrewd business sense, he was able to cash in on his fame better than most superheroes. Yes, he was in it for the money and fame, but he still lived up to his super hero status in his own right, and pulled off some amazing stuff. He tracked down and nabbed the elusive Poison Brothers, battled the Mollusk to a draw twice, and when he was done with the Golden Skull, the arch villain was nothing more than a small voice emanating from a shoebox. Dr. Dynamite met Dynamite Girl when he found her asleep in his car, while leaving the birthday party of a stripper he once dated. He fell for the wild child and, in time, groomed her to be his protégée. He showed her the ropes, taught the tricks and bought her that sexy outfit. They had a special relationship and she was the only other person in the world to whom he entrusted his secret formula. He never expected to die suddenly (who does) and now Dynamite Girl carries on.



The amazing dynamite formula, when imbibed, gives a person amazing explosive powers. The formula imbues the body with the superpower of “dynamiteness”. One punch can drop a tree or blast a hole in a wall. A running jump, land on your feet and POW!, you’re flying over a building. All the while it never damages the user. The formula exudes from the skin and the blasting power is all outward. From time to time, the powers wear off, or get used up, and Dynamite Girl has to take another jolt. But it doesn’t work on everyone. The body of anyone taking the formula must first be acclimated with a bath of other chemicals. The bath is permanent, but anyone taking it without the bath first may have some severe problems like headaches, fever, rash and exploding into smithereens.



Mitch and Murray are from the Celebrity Management Company that used to handle DR. DYNAMITE, and by default, now handle Dynamite Girl. She must rise to take the Doctor’s place, fighting his old arch-enemies, and, of course, the random criminal, monster, and alien that occasionally threaten Metroville. Mitch is about 50, and an old school PR man with a lot of savvy; however, he is rather cynical and prone to expedient measures. (Think Bill Murray.) Murray is about 28 years old and a real boy-scout. He’s wet behind the ears, eager to learn the business and swallows all Mitch’s nebulous explanations of his circuitous behavior hook line and sinker.



CHIEF BIBBLE – Bibble is in love with Dynamite Girl, but resents the fact that he can’t have her. He’s “not her type” (but then, he’s not anyone’s type). He’s always trying to see her brought down to size, but is doing it behind the scenes, because Dynamite Girl has the goods on him.


SNAPDRAGON – A ruthless arch-nemesis that Dynamite Girl inherited from the Doctor.


MADAME STINGRAY – a villainess, and former lover of the Doctor, Madame Stingray helps out D-Girl now and then for old time’s sake? Or does she have ulterior and perverse motives.


THE BLUE LOON – An insane, transvestite criminal mastermind that kills all his victims with a .22 caliber Barbie Doll.


THE WHYOO MEN – A hermetic cult of devoted criminals who worship crime, destruction and partying all night long.


THE RED ZOMBIE – An experimental Russian superman who refuses to let Communism die.


THE SPICE BOYS – A popular, local boy-band whose attention all the girls crave. Real bubble heads but actually very talented.


THE KRAYONS – Colorful, lovable, but somewhat reckless aliens who are so addicted to Starbuck’s Hazelnut Frappaccino that they cannot return to their home planet.


GOTHAR – A robot that’s indestructible. He’s neither good nor bad, but he does cause trouble now and then. He sometimes helps Dynamite Girl out because he kinda likes her.


BULLY GIRL – A body building amazon super heroine that competes with Dynamite Girl for the headlines and the men.


 ACTION AND ADVENTURE – Two glamorous, snotty, fellow super heroines that Dynamite Girl is always getting into cat-fights with.


PAM BAMMI – Murray’s on and off girlfriend that suspects his feelings for Dynamite Girl.



No thriving metropolis, METROVILLE is a typical, American, mid-size city with suburbs, Walmarts and Dairy Queens. Dynamite Girl hails from the blue-collar side of suburban America (her Dad was a janitor, and her mother ran off with the cable guy about ten years ago) but as Dynamite Girl she comes into contact with Metroville’s “high society” and city fathers on a regular basis.