Dynamite Girl is getting hammered in a bar when she sees on the news that Dr. Dynamite is in a pitched battle with his old enemies, The Wyoo Men. She rushes to the scene, only to find Dr. Dynamite lying there dying. Dr. Dynamite tells her that she is now the sole owner of the secret dynamite formula that gives them both their powers. As he is dying, he makes her promise to use her powers for good, and to at least make an effort to behave herself. Dynamite Girl is heartbroken, but her sorrow soon turns to anger, and Dynamite Girl goes gunning or the Wyoo Men. Along the way she has a few drinks of course. She finally ambushes two of the Wyoos in a K-Mart. She battles and kills both of them, but does a lot of damage to the store too. As she’s coming out of the store, a third Wyoo Man, waiting in the car, gets the jump on her and she barely escapes with her life. Exhausted she buys a bottle of Jack Daniels, and watches the sun set, all alone, from the roof of a downtown building.


Dynamite Girl meets MITCH and MURRAY. They are from CELEBRITY MANAGEMENT, the company that used to handle Dr. Dynamite, and now, by default, Dynamite Girl too. Mitch and Murray must convince her to take the Doctor’s place in their lineup. Their jobs are on the line, because the last big client they were charged with baby-sitting (THE MONGER) unexpectedly popped out of the universe like a watermelon seed. When the boys finally track Dynamite Girl down, they find her drunk and carousing the bars on Lincoln Street. Mitch tries to lay down the law but Dynamite Girl just laughs in his face. Dr. Dynamite was really branded and a very popular property. There are all kinds of endorsement and license deals for the Dynamite franchise, including toys, video games, a new soft drink and a three-picture deal in the works. With his death, the property will be even more valuable, at least for a little while. The property will need “legs”. They need Dynamite Girl to pick up the ball and carry on. This is the shows primary continuing dynamic. Mitch and Murray are always trying to keep tabs on Dynamite Girl, keep her out of trouble and cover up when she does. Dynamite Girl is always trying to “slip out the back” and do her thing. From Mitch and Murry’s point of view, Dynamite Girl is a handful, but she’s the only hope they have, to keep their jobs. It will be hard for her to change her spots, but, just maybe they can keep her in line long enough to close a few deals and keep their jobs, which are not on particularly good ground right now. Dynamite Girl blows them off at first, but comes around, when she is reminded that the money for the Mustang she drives, the apartment she lives in and her monthly allowance all come to her from the Management Company. Also, Murray is kind of cute. She promises to at least try and behave. After all this back-story is established, a big emergency comes up. A renegade robot is tearing up a shopping plaza, and Dynamite Girl is on it. Mitch and Murry follow her to the scene and see her in action. Murry accidentally gets in the middle of it and Dynamite Girl rescues him. Dynamite girl destroys the renegade robot and the day is saved. Seeing her in action, Mitch and Murry feel a little better about their new property. There’s no question as to weather she’s game enough to carry on in the Dr.’s shoes. But how will they deal with be her wild and loose lifestyle. Also revealed, Murray thinks he has a crush on Dynamite Girl.


Dynamite Girl goes shopping with Mitch and Murry for some better street clothes and a new look. Murry spots a customer who is shoplifting. He tells Dynamite Girl, but she shrugs. “What’s the big deal?”¬†Murray tries to make a citizen’s arrest, but mayhem ensues when the shoplifter turns out to be an alien.


She goes to the beach for the weekend with some of her girlfriends. She wants to give Mitch and Murry the slip, but Murry tracks her down there. Murry uses disguises to spy on her. Meanwhile a radioactive sea monster is lurking in the depths.


Dynamite Girl battles a team of criminal morons. The police and all the other superheroes can never predict the next bird-brained scheme these morons will come up with, but Dynamite Girl seems to have no problem staying one step ahead of them.


Dynamite Girl goes to a licensing convention with Mitch and Murray to do some PR for her new toy line, but she doesn’t like the way the prototype action-figure of her looks.


Dynamite Girl is in a fight with Madame Stingray when she runs out of her explosive formula. Things look tight but in the end, Dynamite Girl manages to defeat the virago with a tennis racket and a pork chop!


Dynamite Girl must protect Mitch from an old ex-wife that is now a super villain.


One of Dynamite Girl’s drunken brawls gets her in trouble. In trying to avert disaster, Murry gets in the middle of things and gets nabbed by the police too. Mitch is able to get them off with community service. In cleaning up trash on the highway they discover a nest of alien babies.